Are you losing money on your energy bill?

Save on Energy Bill with Replacement Windows

With the interest rates at all time low, it’s the perfect time to invest in vinyl replacement windows. Everyone is looking for different alternatives to invest in their home, but it’s very simple to update your curb appeal with vinyl windows. How can buying vinyl replacement windows save you money?  There are different areas they can help a homeowner save money.

Utility Bill: First, look at your windows during the heat of the day; which, is usually around 3 p.m. in Houston and surrounding areas. Hold your hand up to the window. Can feel the heat radiating through the glass? Yes! Then you’re losing money on your energy bill. Last year, according the Houston Chronicle electricity prices were up 43 percent. Think of your single pane windows leaking the air out during the hot summer months. You’ve lost hundreds of dollars without realizing it.

Styles of Vinyl Windows: Updating the curb appeal can lead to a long-term investment for your home. Vinyl windows have a variety of frame colors and grid patterns to choose from. If you have a ranch style home, maybe you might want to go with sandstone frame color and prairie grids to give it the modern rustic look. Or a contemporary 1970’s home, think about installing black painted frames with no grids and increase the size of the window. Allowing for more natural light.

Quality Windows over Cheap Windows: Quality durable windows will last for a lifetime, and we have the customers to prove it. All of our vinyl window is custom made to fit your home, in an exact opening.

Energy Efficiency: Yes, vinyl replacement windows do qualify for 2019 energy tax credit. Visit to file the correct information. Money right back in your pocketbook.

Our goal is to provide a product that can withstand the Texas Climate and reduce your energy bills for years to come. At Allstate Windows and Siding, we want to help our customer save money for the long term.

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