Energy Efficient Home Windows in Houston, TX

Did you know: 25-30% of homeowners' energy usage is typically lost through non-energy efficient windows?

Energy efficient windows are an important aspect that both new and longtime homeowners should consider adding to their space. Many Houston, TX residents choose energy-efficient windows over traditional windows for a variety of reasons. They generally come with benefits that other windows do not, can contribute to the well-being of the environment, and most importantly, can potentially save you money! 

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Energy-efficient windows typically have more than one glass pane, which greatly improves insulation. Windows that are not energy efficient generally only have one glass pane, which makes it more difficult to control a number of things, like temperature regulation inside your house, noise, and any energy lost through the windows.

energy efficient windows in houston tx

There is also a special coating over energy-efficient windows that helps with energy loss overall, keeping warm air inside in the cooler months and cool air inside in the warm summer months. This lowers the amount of time you’ll need to use your heating and cooling systems, especially in the hot summers that Houston, TX sees every year. In addition, energy-efficient window frames are typically built with unique materials that are exceptionally durable, long-lasting, and generally do a better job of insulating your home. 

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