How to Install Replacement Windows

At Allstate Windows and Siding, we’re helping customers understand how to install replacement windows. Learn more today. 

1. We apply a plastic sheeting in the interior of the home to prevent any dust and/or dirt from entering through the openings.
2. Each window panel is removed with a heat glazing gun to avoid the window pane breaking.
3. The window frame is removed with a crowbar to ensure the custom windows will fit accurately.
4. Our window installers stationed on the inside and outside of the home before the new replacement window is installed.
5. The plastic sheeting is removed and make sure all the furniture is covered.
6. After installing the new replacement window, we seal the window with caulk on the inside and outside.
7. All old windows are disposed offsite.

Our window crews have been with us for over 25 years, and they take pride in their workmanship.

Now, you can enjoy your new windows!

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