How to Pick Exterior Paint Color?

How to Decide on an Exterior Siding Color?

First, choose James Hardie or LP Smartside siding. Then the real FUN begins with finding the perfect exterior paint color for your home. The color will stand out the most for ascetics’ purposes. One important factor is to decide if this will be your “forever home” or “investment home”.

What exterior paint color?

Take a step back and look at the exterior of your home, and really take in all the features. Ok, now we start on the process of picking a color.

  • Is your home brick and siding combination? Easy! Match the brick mortar with the siding color. For instance, if you have a red brick home the mortar is more than likely an off-white color. Or if you have brown hues in your brick then stick with a simple cream color.
  • We recommend staying away from exterior paint colors that have yellow and pink hues mixed in the paint.
  • Go to the paint store and ask for three different samples to try on your old siding before the new siding goes up. Start with applying a small coat of paint on the west exposure of the home and let dry for several hours. Then apply another coat to the home that does not get a lot sun exposure and let that dry for several hours.
    • The idea is to see the exterior paint color in the morning and evening. Some colors look completely different at different times of the day.
  • If you want to step outside your comfort zone, then try adding a lighter color for the trim and slightly darker color for the siding. This color combination looks great on light colored brick homes.

Exterior Paint Recommendation:

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint protects against Texas Climate and humidity, and it’s recommended by James Hardie and LP Smartside manufactures.  

It’s the next step in improving your home’s value and also having fun in the process!

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