Why Choose Windows Made in Texas?

You’re not alone, many Houstonians find themselves buried in information about potential new window products. Now more than ever, it’s important to know where the products for replacement windows are made. How do homeowners truly know if the replacement windows they purchase are Made in Texas? It’s about the longevity, integrity and transparency of the company with the homeowners.

At Allstate Siding and Windows, we take pride in knowing the replacement windows we sale and install are Made in Texas. The window frames are made in North Texas, and the replacement glass is made at the Cardinal Insulated Glass Plant in Waxachie, TX.

Top Reasons:

  • Because of the Texas Coastal Climate, we live in, replacement windows made in Texas are more durable to withstand drastic weather changes.
  • We’ve installed these products for over 40+ years and have had minimal issues.
    • The window manufacture is available to have a service person come out to review the issue within a couple weeks.
    • Whereas, if you were dealing with a window manufacture out of state it could take up several months to a year before a service person comes out to review the issue.
  • Transportation of replacement windows: Windows Made in Texas, as a homeowner you have the ease of mind knowing the windows are traveling only a couple of hours.
    • If the replacement windows are traveling out of state, then you have a higher chance of glass breakage and/or the frame cracking. Then you have a longer time to wait for your windows to be installed.
  • Accessibility: Replacement Windows made in Texas, we’re able to receive the products within shorter time frame.
  • Energy Efficient: All of our replacement windows are rated Energy Star, and this provides homeowners with energy efficiency tax credit. Visit www.irs.gov.

Our goal is to continue to help educate our customers and potential customers within Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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