What Type of Siding is Best for Your Home?

What Type of Siding is Best for Your Home?

As our lifestyle has drastically shifted over the past month, homeowners are taking on more home improvement projects. Now working from home, our mindsets shift to looking at projects to help retain the value of our home. Maintaining the curb appeal is great investment for the future. What can you do? Start with the exterior and look at the siding on your home.

Why Replace Siding

We understand it’s frustrating to figure where to start, and so we’re listing a few reasons homeowners should consider:

  • What year was your home built? Homes built in the 1950’s have cedar siding, and it type of siding will eventually deteriorate over time. Other homes built in 1980’s- 1990’s has particle board siding that will not withstand moisture, and the Texas climate over time.
  • Do you have cracks or damage from kids playing sports outside? Certain types of siding cannot withstand the simplest impact.
  • Is the color warping, fading or cracking? This is caused by the ultraviolet exposure and harsh weather exposure in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Types of Siding

How to decide which siding material for your home? Our siding products are Made in USA and built to withstand the Texas Climate.

  • James Hardie Siding: Made of fiber cement that helps with swelling, warping and cracking. Moisture, mold, and fire resistant. Hardie Plank offers full spectrum of textures and styles to complement homes from Lap siding to Hardie Panel vertical siding. The warranty is 30 years and limited-life time.
  • LP Smartside Siding: Made of rich cedar-grain texture of traditional wood siding with the advanced treated engineered wood. Withstand high levels of humidity, tough storms with up to 200 mph winds, and impact resistance. The warranty is 50 years and limited-life time.

Homeowners need to be aware that no matter the materials used for your home’s siding; you have to provide proper maintenance. Cleaning your siding is extremely important! We recommend: Joemax cleaner with water and/or apply Clorox with water.

Improve your home’s value and curb appeal by calling Allstate Siding and Windows and let us help you with your next home improvement project.

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